The Repair Process

At AMM Collision Center Austin, collision repair is the cornerstone of what we do. Repairing your vehicle to its “like-new” condition, efficiently, and with the least amount of hassle, is why our customers tell us they like doing business with us. They must, because time and again, our customers refer their friends to AMM Collision Center Austin when they need an auto collision center they can count on. To ensure the highest quality repair work and the best customer service experience, every auto collision center customer works with a dedicated auto body technician who serves as the main point of contact during the repair process. And unlike many other auto body shops in Austin, AMM Collision Center Austin customers are invited to virtually “check” on their vehicle during the repair process, simply by clicking a link on our website. Although no two repairs are exactly alike, there are a few basic steps in the repair process that most customers can and should expect.

You will be given an initial or intake repair estimate based visible damage. Not all damage is visible at this phase and additional damage may or may not be found later.

Your insurance carrier will need to approve the initial repair estimate. Once approved, we can begin to disassemble your vehicle; that is, unless the vehicle is determined to be totaled, or irreparable.

Your vehicle is assessed for any further structural damage once dis-assembly occurs. Your insurance carrier may need to be re-contacted for approval if additional damage is discovered.

It’s at this point that we order parts and make arrangements for any special or manufacturer-only parts. The repair process begins once all necessary parts are in.

Once we determine that the frame of your vehicle meets original factory specifications, we proceed with the next phase of repair.

This is when your vehicle begins to take shape. Our qualified, certified body restoration specialists work to ensure the metal panels match and align.

The metal panels that were incorporated during the repair process are primed and sealed in preparation for paint. Using a state-of-the-art color matching system, paint is applied and a final sealant ensures rich, durable color.

We apply finishing pieces and perform a full vehicle operations test. This test includes road testing to ensure your vehicle is safe for you to drive.

We want to make sure your car is as clean and “like new” as possible, so we take the extra step of prepping it for your arrival.

Once you arrive at the shop, your dedicated auto body technician will review all completed work to make sure you are completely satisfied with your vehicle.