Tips for Driving in the Rain

Hurray for rain, we need it! But, these spring showers mean slippery roadways, and with all the traffic in Austin it is important to change your driving habits a little.

First and foremost, SLOW DOWN! Your tires cannot grip as effectively when the road is wet; slowing down gives the tire’s tread an opportunity to make contact with the road. Be sure to leave plenty of room between you and the car in front of you. You need more time to stop in the rainy conditions.

Turn your headlights on, even in light rain. It not only helps you see, but it also helps others to see you.

Avoid using cruise control. You are less likely to pay attention to the road when you turn the car on auto pilot. Also, cruise control may cause your car to speed up if you begin to hydroplane.

If you do start to hydroplane there are some things you can do. Slowly take your foot off the accelerator or the brake.  The old saying of turning into the skid is confusing.  Which direction is that? The key is to gently steer your car in the direction you want your car to go.  Be sure to avoid over correcting as this could make the skid much worse.

So remember slow down and pay attention. If you feel yourself start to skid, stay calm and turn the car where you want it to go.