Wheel Alignments

By: Anita Lafferty

Wheel alignment is very important to the life of your tires and fuel economy. Tires are designed to sit flat with the road, so when the tire points in or out too much it causes uneven wear on the outside of your tires.  When they tires are out of alignment it causes more rolling resistance between the road surface and the tire causing you to push a little harder from point to point causing you to use more fuel than you would normally need. Basically your tires are working against each other.

Many factors contribute to improper wheel alignment. Something as simple as rubbing up against a curb or hitting a pothole can knock your tires out of whack, so it should be a part of your regular maintenance.

You may need a wheel alignment if:

  • You feel your car drifting to one side,
  • Your steering wheel isn’t centered when you are driving straight
  • You feel your steering wheel vibrate.

 And of course, an auto accident will very often create a need for a wheel alignment. The Hunter Hawkeye Elite is the newest technology in wheel alignments. It allows us to do alignments very quickly and easily. It has four high-resolution cameras to provide alignment measurements with pinpoint accuracy. There is no metal to metal contact with the wheels, and there is no need to go under the vehicle, which makes it great for vehicles that are low to the ground.