Teen Driving

Those coming of age movies that we all enjoyed growing up whether it was Clueless or Ferris Bueller’s Day Off at some point have scenes about driving. The scenes surround freedom or escaping a situation. Every 15-year-old just itches for that license to drive alone and feel the freedom of driving into the sunset.


One of our biggest moments growing up is when we get a license to drive. Teens see their parents driving all the time, almost as if it is second nature. As new drivers practice is very important. The more time under supervision on the road the less likely they will be the reason for a collision.

There are more rules and regulations to increase the number of hours that teens drive under supervision before getting a license this program is called the Graduated Driver License Program (GLD). In Texas teens under 18 years old and applying for their first driver’s license must comply with both GLD and Texas rules.

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