What to do after a collision?

As you drive down interstate 35, like one does in central Texas, there is another car that comes out of nowhere. You collide with the other car. All can hear the windows smashing and metal curling. After the car stops and rubber smell from the tires flows you open your eyes. You wonder now what?
Nobody likes getting into an accident. It can be a deadly experience that somehow always seems avoidable. To deescalate the situation, it is always good to be prepared.
Here are some steps that can help keep you and others safe after an accident.
1. Have a safety kit in your car. If there are minor cuts on you or the other person getting that cleared up can help normalize the situation. Somehow a batman band aid for a little kid that was in their first accident can really save the day.
2. Safety of other drivers. If on a busy highway or street, it is best to move the vehicles out of traffic. Anyone that is injured should rest out of the way of traffic. If vehicles cannot be moved call 9-1-1. Put on hazard lights and set out warning lights, flares or hazard triangles, if you keep those in your car.
3. Exchange information with the person. This can be awkward to ask a strange for so much information, but it is necessary. The easiest way is to take a picture of the other person’s policy and write down their name and phone number in your phone. You will have the information for when you talk to your insurance representative.
4. Take note of the vehicles. If your phone is handy take pictures of how the cars ended up and any damages on the cars. While the information is still fresh in your mind it might help to jot down details like driving direction and what you remember last before the collision.
Remember to keep breathing and that it will all be in the past soon. Every collision is unique and needs its own attention. By being prepared for all types of accidents can help the situation. Always know that AMM is here to help.

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