How can we help you?

Call your shop location for the status of your vehicle. You can find our locations on our contact page.
First call your insurance company to find where in the process your car is. After you are updated on the location of your car look at our repair process to see the next step.
After receiving your estimate look at your best price and quality. Once decided on the best call the collision center for the repair.

You can find our locations on our contact page.
The best time to grab your property is before the car is brought in for repairs or before releasing the car.
AMM Collision hours are Monday – Friday 7:30am-5:30pm.

When your car is a total loss your insurance company will work with you to get the best price for your car. A total loss means the repair cost is more than the value of it’s policy.
OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. Let’s say you have a Honda car and want to replace a part. If that part is from the company Honda it is an OEM part.You can also buy aftermarket parts, which are third party companies making parts.
A collision center is an auto and frame repair shop that works only on cars that have been in an accident.

You will receive your claim number once you have made a claim with your insurance company.
Parts can be ordered after the customer signs the Repair Authorization Form.
Yes! We have state of the art paint technology and gold standard trained painters to do just that.

While your car is in the shop to have collision work repaired you may have other repairs fixed as well.
Either your insurance company or we can help set up your rental car while your car is getting repaired.
The AMM estimator that is working with you will contact you by phone.

AMM provides a limited lifetime warranty. This means all work done on the vehicle is covered under warranty, but not the parts.
If the damage is being billed to your insurance then you will have to pay a deductible. If the damage is being billed to another person in the accident you will not have to pay a deductible.
AMM accepts cash or card for all payments of a repair.

These are charges for automobile items that are usually replaced in the life.
In the first 30 days just hand wash with cool, clean water and mild car wash solution using a soft cloth or sponge. In the first 90 days avoid waxing or polishing. This will allow the finish on the car to dry and harden completely.
In the first 30 days do not drive on gravel roads. Becareful not to chip the paint. Don’t use a stiff brush or “dry wipe” your vehicle. Avoid parking under trees and utility lines that attract birds. Bird droppings will damage a freshly painted surface because of its high acid content. Also tree moss can spot or mar a finish. Avoid spilling any car liquid on the car (ex. gas, oil, antifreeze). Never scrape ice or snow from the surface.


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Learn more about AMM Collision. We live and give in Central Texas, because that is the Texas way. By repairing your car with AMM you give back to your community.